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Lance Briggs

Raymond Lance Robinson (Briggs) - Kelsey's biological father - Lance changed his name to Briggs shortly before marrying Raye Dawn. This is a mugshot of him that was featured in an article that was written when he was arrested for his second and third counts of domestic violence in 2006.

The day Lance first met Kelsey when she was three or four months old he told Raye Dawn after meeting and holding Kelsey for the first time, "IT will have my last name and I will claim IT on my taxes." Raye reminded Lance, "She has a name and her name is Kelsey."






Lance Briggs's Deposition from the Summer of 2009

Lance Briggs deposition    Lance Briggs deposition    Lance Briggs deposition





Following is an excerpt from Judge Craig Key's book, A Deadly Game of Tug of War: The Kelsey Smith-Briggs Story.


Death Threats

 "I forced myself to go to work the day after Kelsey died. The last thing I wanted to do was deal with people’s problems, but I felt obligated to do my job. The sheriff called me into his office that afternoon and informed me they had talked to Lance Briggs the night before to tell him of the death of Kelsey, and that he was in Fort Benning, Georgia. The sheriff indicated that Lance was in some type of a treatment center, and that Lance had made threats against my family and me.  

At that point, the sheriff was concerned because he told me he had spoken to people who were concerned with Lance’s mental instability. The death threats that were made had come directly from Lance. It was a threat against my children, as well as the supervisor for DHS and his family.


“I don’t put much stock in that. He’s just upset and talking irrationally.” I responded. But he told me there was little or no doubt that he had a fear for my children’s lives and he wanted to put a deputy outside of my house and for me to get my children placed away from me.

Death threats on an attorney or a judge occur on occasion. Typically, they are not taken seriously. However, what convinced me to take action as a result of this threat was when I received a call from an OSBI agent, who confirmed what the sheriff had told me.  DHS received the same information regarding Lance’s threat. In order to protect their staff, the office of the Inspector General was dispatched to the Lincoln County DHS office. I knew of Lance’s past history of domestic abuse, and with his current mental state, I chose to not take a chance with my family."

Lance was NOT in Iraq during the custody hearing in February, 2005, he was in Shawnee, Oklahoma, but didn't go. Lance was NOT in Iraq from January to May of 2005, but he never met with DHS about his daughter's welfare and when DHS asked to meet with him when he called in a report, he said he'd have his mom take care of it the next day. When DHS wanted to meet Lance at Kathie's home to discuss the welfare of Kelsey, Kathie told the worker that Lance decided it didn't concern him so he went about his day.

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RE: Lance and Kelsey

That is exactly what I was told when I contacted the Red Cross to get Lance home on a hardship. As long as Kelsey was with a family member he could not return. The Army has little mercy for the problems on the homefront while you are at war. That is why we shielded him from all of the information going on here. There was nothing he could do and it would have been cruel to allow that to happen. Not to mention the danger it would have put him and his fellow soldiers in.

04-15-2006 11:21 PM

This video was not among the exhibits, but it shows the destruction Lance caused when he broke into Raye's home on multiple occasions. Notice in the video that none of Lance's items were touched.

This is from police reports that tie into the next video of another time Lance destroyed Raye Dawn's home. A police officer discovered the mess because Raye Dawn had been staying with her parents because of a gas leak and she was afraid of Lance.

It was May 30, 2002 at approximately 9:32pm when two officers were sitting stationary in their patrol car on S. Dawson in Meeker. Rachelle Smith and another female drove to the location of the officers. One of the officers exited the patrol car and approached Rachelle’s vehicle. Rachelle informed the officer that her and Raye Dawn’s house was broken into by someone, and they thought it was Lance. The officer followed Rachelle to her residence, and when they entered, they “found no sign of forced entry.” Rachelle informed the police that there was an armoire full of clothes missing and a note left that stated “You want to play games, you decide.” 

Raye Dawn called and spoke to one of the officers and said that she had a restraining order in place against Lance. The officer began his report when Rachelle pointed out that Lance had just driven by. According to the officer, “I could hear his radio in his truck and could tell that he had turned around and was headed back in our direction. I used my flashlight to get Mr. Briggs’ attention as he approached the residence and he pulled into the driveway. I had Mr. Briggs exit his vehicle and informed him of what was going on. Mr. Briggs stated that he was at the house earlier and that he did leave the note, but he did not take any armoire. At this time I had Officer Gulliver go back into the residence and get a description of the armoire in question. I continued to talk to Mr. Briggs outside about what was going on when Officer Gulliver came out of the house and stated that the armoire was not missing and that Smith had found it moved into another room. I then had Officer Gulliver contact Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and check to see if there was a protective order in place. Gulliver stated that Lincoln County had no copy of a protective order against Mr. Briggs. I then told Mr. Briggs that he was free to go and I had Officer Gulliver inform Smith that if there were any further problems to contact us.”

Assistant Police Chief Matt Byers came in contact with the Briggs on July 3, 2002 at 2:20am when he drove by Raye Dawn’s house and noticed an unusual number of lights on and the door on the north side of the house was open. He stated, “I could not see any vehicles in the drive. I turned around and pulled into the drive and did not observe any vehicles or persons in the drive or around the house. I knocked on the open door and waited a few moments for someone to come to the door. I then began walking around the residence to look for signs of anyone at the residence. I knocked on the front door of the home and there was no answer again. While waiting for someone to come to the front door, I was able to clearly see through a bedroom window next to the front door that the window on the north wall of the bedroom was broken. I walked to the north side of the house and observed that a plastic covering over the window had been sliced open, the screen pushed in and the glass broken. Concerned that someone inside could be hurt, I went back to the open door, announced myself as a police officer, and entered the home. (It appears that maybe the officer broke the front door.) I observed a broken mirror in the bathroom as I entered, a phone lying on the floor that was off the hook and it appeared that various cabinets in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom had been opened and dug through. I did not find anyone in the home. I shut the door of the residence and left the lights on and returned to the police department to attempt to find the occupant of the home, known to be Raye Dawn Briggs.”

At approximately 2:20pm Officer Byers met with Raye Dawn at the Kwik Stop and asked her about the possible burglary at her residence. There had been a propane leak in the home, so Raye Dawn had been staying with her parents. Raye Dawn informed Officer Byers that she felt it was Lance who had broken into her home because he had called her at around 10pm on July 2, 2002, was intoxicated, and attempted to reconcile their pending divorce. Raye Dawn refused to talk to Lance about a reconciliation and hung up the phone. She believed that Lance broke into her home shortly after their conversation and took the items because most of the things missing were personal such as a carousel horse, flowers, ceramic swan, blue porcelain doll, and school yearbooks. Raye Dawn then presented the officer with an Application for Temporary Relief that had been issued by Judge Vassar. It was issued on June 5, 2002 and granted Raye Dawn temporary possession and control of the marital home and its furnishings. It also stated “each party is hereby mutually and bilaterally restrained and enjoined from harassing, annoying, molesting, or otherwise disturbing the peace of the other.”

There was a dry erase board that was found near the home with a message from Lance that said, “Babydoll where are you? I’ve been calling around for you. I’m worried. Hopefully I’ll find you soon. Me.”

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I know Raye and I'm very glad to say I do shes a wonderful person and she has a wonderful family. Oh just an fyi the abuse she suffered physically and mentally in her first marriage was evident to many people, black eyes and broken out front windshields dont lie or maybe we should say she blacked her own eyes?
The truth will set you free!


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Or even better Felicia how about a house torn to pieces because someone had such a bad temper that he would just go through the house breaking crap!!! I saw this myself!! Poor girl she has been through so much.



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They have videos of the house after Lance went thru destroying everything in that house. I know 1 night, Raye was sitting on the porch with a her younger sister laughing and giggling and Lance was out back and he came up grabbed Raye's arm and drug her in the house and locked the younger sister out. She was locked out of the house running from door to door screaming because she could see thru the windows Lance on top of Raye beating the crap out of her. When he got finished, he unlocked the door and went back outside and they called their dad and went to where they were. Raye was bleeding from her nose and her mouth. I don't remember if that was one of the times the police were called but the girls left with Ray (her dad) but Lance told Ray that Raye Dawn was NOT leaving. But in the end he saw it Ray Smiths way.



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I know the police officers were supposed to be watching her house after the separation and it was a police officer that found the door standing wide open the time he terrorized the house because they went to Raye's work to see if she was ok and told her that she needed to come with them. It was a known fact around town that he beat the crap out of her. I know there were some police reports filed, I don't remember which occasions. I think this was one of them. I know she looked horrible the next day. And I know there was a police report when she forgot to supersize a McDonald Meal and she got the crap beat out of her for that too. I have had the crap knocked out of me before and I would leave but I always heard how sorry he was and he didn't know what got into him and how sorry he was and it would never happen again. And it would over and over. My mom would beg me not to go back. And it was finally like someone hit me over the head one morning and I realized I didn't have to live like this and wasn't going too. And I was gone that day when he got home from work and never went back and he still has that horrible temper


“On 8-2-02 at approx. 15:45pm, I, Officer, T.J. Sides and Reserve Officer Rick O’Neil responded to a two-vehicle accident in the 200 block of West Main in Meeker, Oklahoma, County of Lincoln. Upon arrival I noticed a white male, later identified as Raymond Lance Briggs, walking away from one of the vehicles involved, a 1994 Blue Plymouth van. I then noticed two subjects, one white male…and one white female…in the other vehicle, a 2002 Blue Ford pickup. The white male walking around seemed to be highly agitated, he was walking with his hands in his pockets, looking at the ground, and scraping his feet on the asphalt. He was in pacing mode. I asked if anyone was injured and if an ambulance needed to be called. The white male threw up his hands and stated, ‘F*ck yea, he does,’ pointing at the subjects in the Ford pickup. I then returned to my patrol unit and requested first responders. I then had O’Neil start traffic control. I then turned to the injured subjects to reassure the two parties that help was on the way and to find out what type of injuries they had obtained during the accident. As I was standing there trying to get some information, the white male (Briggs), started to walk up toward the injured subject. I asked the male subject to step back and I would be with him in just a minute. At that response, the white male (Briggs) looked at me, threw up his arms and stated ‘F*ck you. I don’t have to step back. Who the f*ck do you think you are? F*ck this sh*t.’ I advised the subject that I was the officer on duty to investigate the accident, and that I would be needing to speak with him in just a few minutes and obtain some information from him. The white male (Briggs) then started to approach my location. I advised the subject to remain by his vehicle and I would be with him in a minute. The white male (Briggs) then stated, ‘F*ck you. I don’t have to step back. What the f*ck do you want? I don’t have to tell you anything, B*tch.’ The white male continued to pace, and continued to throw his arms up in the air. At this point, O’Neil came over to my location for back up. I then advised the white male subject that if he didn’t calm down and do what I asked him to do, I was going to place him under arrest for his safety as well as our safety. The white male responded by stating ‘F*ck you. You can’t arrest me. I haven’t done a f*cking thing. I know the f*cking law.’ He then approached O’Neil and attempted to intimidate Officer O’Neil by throwing his chest out toward him and flexing his muscles. Office O’Neil then asked what I wanted to do. I advised, ‘Handcuff him.’ The white male (Briggs) then replied, ‘Yea right. F*cking arrest me. You can’t. You have no right. Oh, f*ck this sh*t here.’ At this point, he put out both his hands in front of his body in a motion, wrist by wrist, and stated, ‘F*cking arrest me then, if you can.’ Before another word could be said, another male subject walked up and advised this officer that he was the male subject’s brother in-law and that he could take him aside and cool him down, and asked that I not arrest him. I advised the subject that I would give him the opportunity to take the subject off to the side by the curb, sit him down, and try to calm him, but if the subject continued to act in the same manner, I would have no choice but to arrest him. The white male (Briggs) jerked away from his brother-in-law and then stated, ‘Who the f*ck do they think they are? F*ck you and them. I don’t have to do a damn thing. F*ck, leave me alone.” The brother-in-law finally got the subject out of the first responders way and away from the scene. O’Neil then returned to do traffic control. With first responders on scene trying to take care of the injured, I once again approached the white male subject for information. As I approached toward his direction, he immediately started in again, ‘Now what the f*ck do you want? Huh? F*ck you!’ I advised the subject that I needed to see his driver’s license and insurance verification on the vehicle that he was driving. The subject began to walk toward the van then reached into his back pocket and got out his wallet. He stated, ‘F*ck, I don’t have it, so f*ck you.” I then asked if he had any other form of identification, so that I may know who his is. He then replied, ‘I got a f*cking military I.D. Do you f*cking want it? No, f*ck you. You don’t f*cking need to see it.’ He then slammed his wallet shut. I then asked if I could have his name and driver’s license number. He turned from the van and started to walk to the curb, continuously throwing his arms up in the air. He then turned and advised that his name was Raymond Briggs and his driver’s license number was…He said the number too fast for me to write it down and I had to ask him to repeat. He then turned around, threw his arms up in the air, and stated, ‘What, you f*cking can’t hear either?’ He then repeated the number. I then asked for his middle name, he advised ‘Lance, sh*t, did you get that?’ I advised, ‘Yes, thank you.’ Briggs then turned around and started walking toward the old gas station on the south side of the road. I then started to look at the damage done to the vehicle that he was driving and obtaining tag information. I attempted to see if the windows had been rolled down or if they had been shattered, when he started to walk up to the van. I turned and was attempting to ask him if he had had the windows down or if they had possibly been shattered when he interrupted by saying, ‘What the f*ck are you doing now?’ Once I was able to finish my question, he replied, ‘F*cking figure it out yourself, b*tch.’ It was determined that he had the windows down. I then returned to my injured subject to try and obtain information from them on their identities…I then exited my patrol unit and attempted to go back to the pickup and I noticed another disturbance in the location of where Briggs was located. Officer O’Neil and myself responded to the disturbance. Upon arrival, I observed Briggs screaming and yelling at a female subject standing by a car. As I approached, he turned away and started cussing another female subject who was sitting on the ground with two small children. It was learned that was Briggs’ mother. I continued to stay between the female subject, a sister, and Briggs. I advised Briggs again that he needed to calm down. Again, I was informed by Briggs to ‘F*ck off and leave him alone. He had nothing to discuss with me and to f*cking leave.’ Again, Briggs was trying to intimidate my reserve officer and myself by throwing out his chest and flinging his arms around. I then noticed a white pickup pull up and an older male subject get out. I walked up and asked if he was father of Briggs. He replied ‘Yes, Royce Briggs.’ I then asked if he was the owner of the vehicle. He stated, ‘Yes.’ I then requested to see the insurance verification. Royce Briggs advised that he did not have any insurance on the vehicle, it was uninsured. I then asked to the father to try to keep Briggs calmed down while we continued to investigate the accident. Royce Briggs advised he was not sure he could do that, but he would try…I then returned to Briggs and asked that he come back with me to my patrol unit so that I could finish my investigation by obtaining further information. Briggs replied, ‘No, I am not f*cking going back to your car. Why the f*ck?’ I then noticed a slight hint of an alcoholic beverage coming from Briggs. I turned to his sister and asked if he had been drinking that day. She advised no, he had been at his great-grandmother’s funeral today. I then returned to Briggs and advised him that we need to go to the patrol unit where it was cooler and try to cool down and that he would be getting a citation. Briggs politely states, ‘You can go back to your f*cking car and write my damn citation without me being there. Go the f*ck back. I’m not going to your patrol car.’ I spoke with the family and asked them to take Briggs home and get him calmed down…”

Crossposted articles from Shawnee News-Star

Web-Posted Aug. 03, 2007 03:59: PM
Briggs to face charges after alleged domestic dispute
By Erin Medley
SNS Reporter


The father of a 2-year-old toddler who died in October 2005 of alleged child abused has been charged with two counts of assault and battery and another of actual physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated.

Raymond Lance Briggs faces misdemeanor charges of assault and battery, as well as a charge of actual physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated, after an altercation with his ex-girlfriend last week.

Briggs, 29, was arrested on June 28 after showing up at the home of his ex-girlfriend, Marie Larson.

The police report shows he pulled her by her hair through the front door and also pushed Larson's friend, Jackie Wood.

Police arrived at the scene and found Briggs in his pickup truck with the keys in the ignition.

The police report shows that Briggs had an odor of alcohol on him, as well as slurred speech and red, watery eyes.

He was arrested on the scene for domestic violence and APC.

Briggs will face two counts of assault and battery and one count of APC.

Briggs is the father of Kelsey Smith-Briggs, the 2-year-old Meeker toddler who died of alleged child abuse.

Her stepfather, Michael Porter, has been charged with the death, and her mother Rae Dawn Smith has been charged with enabling child abuse.


Web-Posted Aug. 03, 2007 03:59: PM
Briggs arrested on complaint of domestic abuse
By Kim Morava
SNS Reporter

Raymond Lance Briggs, the man Oklahomans know as the father of a slain Meeker toddler, was arrested Wednesday night on an unrelated domestic abuse complaint following a series of events at a Shawnee home.

Shawnee police responded to a fight in progress Wednesday night at a home on East Drummond Street.

Reports of prior domestic problems apparently escalated at the home of Briggs' former girlfriend. The 24-year-old woman told police she and a friend were sitting on the couch when Briggs, 29, came over and dragged her out of the house by her hair, said Shawnee Interim Chief Wayne Crall. The incident reportedly occurred after she answered the door. During the altercation, the front door was busted and front windows broken out, the report said.

The woman alleges she and Briggs parted two months ago and that he had been stalking her, the report said. She reportedly has bruising from Wednesday's incident and her female friend also was reportedly shoved into broken glass when she tried to help, Crall said.



               Lance Briggs, Mugshot

A police report shows that Briggs and his friend, Randy Flick, 36, told authorities that they had been assaulted by the two females at the residence. Briggs reported he was assaulted while sitting in his vehicle by being struck on the side of head.


Police found Briggs sitting in his pickup with the keys in the ignition. The report shows he had an odor of alcoholic beverage on his person, along with red, watery eyes and slurred speech. He was arrested at the scene on complaints of domestic violence and APC -- being in actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants.

The report shows that Briggs told officers that he put the keys in the ignition to roll down his window to talk to police. Following his arrest, Briggs was booked into the Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center and consented to a breathalyzer test. That test revealed a .08 alcohol concentration, which is the legal limit for being drunk.

Randy Flick also was arrested at the scene on complaints of disturbing the peace while being drunk and disorderly and on a complaint of possession of marijuana after police found a leafy substance in his shorts pocket.

Briggs appeared before a judge Thursday and was released from jail after posting a $3,500 bond. He was ordered to have no contact with the former girlfriend.

Late Thursday afternoon, the former girlfriend filed an Emergency Protective Order against Briggs.

In that EPO application, the woman alleges that she and Briggs were in a dating relationship. She alleges he came into her home and pulled her out of the house by her hair, going through the screen door. During the alteration, she alleges that Briggs said he was taking her to the lake, but police intervened.

She also alleged in the EPO application that Briggs has a gun that he keeps in his truck. The EPO was temporarily granted and both parties are scheduled to appear in court for the EPO matter on July 5.

Oklahomans have come to know Briggs as part of an unrelated case involving his daughter, Kelsey Smith Briggs, the 2 1/2 year-old Meeker toddler who died Oct. 11, 2005, of suspected child abuse.

Kelsey's stepfather, Michael Lee Porter, is charged with first-degree murder in Kelsey's death. The child's mother, Raye Dawn Smith, is charged with enabling child abuse.

Court records reveal this unrelated arrest for Briggs is his second for domestic-related issues. In a 2001 Lincoln County case, he was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery, domestic abuse. He pleaded no contest in that case and received a deferred sentence.

Chief Crall said the police report and evidence surrounding Wednesday's incident in Shawnee will be forwarded to the district attorney's office for consideration of any formal charges.

Attempts to contact Briggs for comment were unsuccessful.

Web-Posted Aug. 03, 2007 04:02: PM

Kelsey's father gets deferred sentence for DV

SHAWNEE (AP) -- A one-year deferred sentence has been handed down to the father of child abuse victim Kelsey Smith-Briggs in an unrelated domestic incident with a former girlfriend.

Lance Briggs, 29, of Meeker, pleaded no contest Wednesday to a misdemeanor assault and battery charge filed in Pottawatomie County District Court following the incident.

Briggs reached a plea agreement with prosecutors after a May 28 incident at the home of Marie Larson, 25, of Shawnee.

Special District Judge Dawson Engle ordered Briggs to pay $250 in court costs and fines, and repay Larson $347 for windows Briggs was accused of breaking in her home. A court order states Briggs must attend an anger management course and not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs for one year.

Larson said Briggs should have received a heftier sentence, considering he was convicted in 2001 of assaulting his former wife, Raye Dawn Smith. In that case, Briggs was given a one-year deferred sentence and ordered to attend anger management classes and domestic abuse counseling.

"I think people feel sorry for him," Larson said. "That's why he got off so easy."

Assistant District Attorney Sunne Riedel Day said she felt the plea agreement was fair. If Briggs slides on the court's conditions, he can be locked up in county jail for as long as 90 days.

He also is ordered to stay away from Larson.

Briggs' attorney, Josh Welch, said there was no admission of guilt from Briggs, and that he expects the charge to be dismissed in one year.

Welch said Briggs accepted the plea agreement because he wants to put the incident behind him.

Larson claimed Briggs broke through her front door and attempted to pull her outside by her hair. A friend of Larson's also was cut. Larson had accused Briggs of pushing her friend into a pile of shattered glass from the windows.

Briggs is a witness in the murder case against Michael Lee Porter. Porter is accused of killing Briggs' stepdaughter, 2-year-old Kelsey Smith-Briggs, on Oct. 11, 2005.

Prosecutors allege Kelsey died after being hit in the stomach. Porter is charged with first-degree murder. Smith, Briggs' ex-wife, faces charges of enabling child abuse and child neglect.

Briggs filed a lawsuit in May against the state Department of Human Services, its director and social workers, blaming a systemwide failure for the 2-year-old's death. He also is suing two Shawnee physicians, claiming they failed to recognize and report Kelsey's abuse.

Last year, the Legislature passed the Kelsey Smith-Briggs Child Protection Reform Act, which strengthens training of court-appointed child advocates and makes judges more accountable for their rulings in child-placement cases.

Raye Dawn was abused by Lance Briggs. She was in a pattern of abusive relationships, and did not recognize that Mike Porter was a silent abuser. She is entitled to a second trial-a trial that conforms with those rights and privileges she is granted under the United States and Oklahoma Constitution.

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