I want to make it clear that we're not questioning Lance's love for his daughter. What we're pointing out is that his mom runs a site that allegedly fights child abuse and they've hailed Lance as a "hero."


To make it clear, he was not in Iraq when Kelsey died and he does have three charges of domestic violence against him and he's been in rehab five times. Why would an organization that is supposed to fight child abuse hail such a man as a "hero"? Especially when Kelsey's older sibling was miscarried as a result of one of the beatings, according to Raye?



Lance Briggs was the father of Kelsey Smith-Briggs. He's been painted as a war hero and ideal father. He failed to show up for a single hearing for his daughter while the custody battle was going on and while the abuse allegations were being made. He was in Oklahoma for at least one of the hearings, and stationed nearby and traveled to Oklahoma weekly during all but two hearings; the ones in June and September.


The confidential OCCY report states:


"Yolanda Hunter, child welfare worker, contacted Kathie Briggs on Monday April 25, 2005 and explained that Kelsey had two broken legs.  On the following day, Yolanda Hunter contacted Kathie Briggs to inquire of contact information  for the father, Lance Briggs.  Kathie Briggs, reported that Lance Briggs was scheduled to leave for Kuwait on Tuesday and she did not want him upset with the news. Yolanda Hunter documented that Kathie Briggs reported contact with the father was not possible."


"During the conversation, Kathie Briggs placed Kristal Johnson on hold to receive a call from the father, Lance Briggs. Kristal Johnson requested Kathie Briggs to inform Lance Briggs of the placement of Kelsey into DHS custody. Kathie Briggs refused,  reportedly because Lance Briggs was “heading off to fight for his country”. Reportedly, Kathie Briggs also stated that she did not have a telephone number or and address for Lance Briggs."


 "She also expressed concern regarding Kelsey’s contact with Lance Briggs. Raye Dawn Porter reported Lance Briggs had beaten her to the point of losing her first child."


 "Kelsey’s father was allegedly deployed to Kuwait; however the worker could not confirm his location.  The supervisor had faxed a written request to the United States military but received no response on how to contact the father or the date of his deployment.  According to DHS, the paternal family was not cooperative in providing information on how to locate the father."


Lance Briggs phoned the DHS supervisor on September 23rd and admitted he lied about where he was and that he had been in Fort Benning, Georgia since mid-September and not in Iraq. His planned 18 month tour lasted MAYBE two or three months. It's been said that he was being treated for his addiction to pain pills. His sister also said he was being watched because his wife told him she wanted a divorce. Either way, the public has been told he was in Iraq when Kelsey died. This is a lie.