Kelsey Smith Briggs

DHS Recommendation


Summary of each participants recommendations made at the judicial proceedings (This is documented in the State files for the June, 2005 hearing.) DHS Child Welfare Treatment Worker -

A DHS child welfare treatment worker appeared on behalf of the respondent mother. The worker recommended that the child remain in her present placement [with maternal grandmother] and continued visitation as present. The placement with the mother would be phased in following services provided by Community Home Based Services (CHBS).

When asked, Is there any indication that the child may be returned to [the paternal grandmother's] home through your recommendation?

The treatment worker responded, Not through our recommendation, no.

The following is a statement from the paternal grandmother, Kathie Briggs:

"I can tell you without a doubt the DHS workers DID NOT testify that Kelsey should not be returned to me. If that discussion took place it was outside the courtroom and ethically should not be considered in a court of law."


Kelsey's Grandma

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RE: Gov. Henry's solution

First of all I would not want to ban someone for bringing an opposing view or new light to this situation.

Obviously I know more than I am willing to spell out on this site. There is a civil case pending.

The one DHS worker who stated she would like to phase Kelsey into Raye Dawn's home did not say if she wanted to do that next week or next year. We will never know what the plan was. She was also called to testify on the mothers behalf. She was not called by the state. The two that did testify, did not state in court for the Judge to hear that they did not recommend Kelsey go home.

DHS might not have directly put Kelsey back, but if they did not agree with the decision they could have taken measures to remove her once they saw a problem. I do have documentation that they knew there were problems and they had four months to make this right. The Lincoln County workers in this case were not your typical workers, they befriended the family and did not remain objective.

After Kelsey's legs were broken one of them stated "we should send her back home with the mother and see what else happens to her". Is that what you are taught in child placement classes?
Another worker stated in March that she felt the mother's visitation should go back to supervised, yet she did not act on this. Why would they take these chances? DHS could have taken different actions that could have saved a life. They were not there to make friends, but to put the childs best interest first. They failed and so did many others.

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02-07-2006 12:39 AM

It's interesting how many times in Kathie's posts she blames Raye Dawn for Kelsey's legs being broken when it was proven at Raye's trial that Kelsey's legs were broken at the home of either Kathie Briggs or Lance Briggs. They both had custody of Kelsey from the time her ankle was diagnosed with a sprain to the time she could no longer walk.



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